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Bio: Ingersoll Rand Air Filter 39903281 Product Characteristics:
1.Wider pleat width
2.High filtration efficiency
3.Filter Material: United States HV and Korea Ahlstrom pure wood pulp paper
4.Excellent ability for moisture protection
5.Top open, bottom open/bottom close with deflating bolt hole
6.Galvanized stainless metal configuration
Ingersoll Rand Air Filter 39903281 Test Standard:
Our filter elements are tested according to ISO 2943
Compatibility with hydraulic fluids ISO 3968
Flow characteristics ISO/DIS 3724
Flow fatigue characteristics ISO/DIS 4572
Filter performance test (Multi-pass test) ISO 2942
Proof of integrity and quality (Bubble point test) ISO 3723
Verification of the end cap stress ISO 2941
Note:This product is an alternative, not original.Alternative To Ingersoll Rand Filter factory