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Bio: Product Description ∨
1.Create your own storage system with Bins Pick Rack.
2.Each rack comes complete with 4 posts and 9 shelves in the dimensions that best suits your needs.
3.Open design allows for easy access and arrangement of tools, power equipment, storage boxes, etc.
34.Numbered posts allows for easy and quick boltless assembly
5.Leveling legs support each corner on stationary units
6.Casters can be added for mobility (casters sold separately)
7.Additional shelving available (sold separately)
Technical Datasheet ∨
Dimensions(shelf)W×D×H(inch) 36×14×77
Dimensions(shelf)W×D×H(mm) 914×356×1950
Bin Mmodel PK010
Bins Qty(pcs) 16
Dimensions(Bin)W×D×H(inch) 16-1/2×14-3/5×6-9/10
Dimensions(Bin)W×D×H(mm) 420×370×175
Number Shelves 8+1
Specifications ∨
W x D x H (inch)Dimensions(Shelf)
W x D x H (mm)Bin Model Number Bins (pcs) Dimensions (Bin)
W x D x H (inch)Dimensions (Bin)
W x D x H (mm)Number Shelves
WST4018-00240 x 18 x 451016 x 457 x 1150PK002486 x 9-7/16 x 4-7/8150 x 240 x 1244+1
WST3614-00336 x 14 x45914 x 356 x 1150PK003167-7/8 x 13 -3/8 x 6200 x 340 x 1554+1
WST3618-00436 x 18 x45914 x 457 x 1150PK004167-7/8 x 17-3/4 x 7200 x 450 x 1774+1
WST4018-00540 x 18 x 451016 x 457 x 1150PK0051211 x17-3/4 x 7300 x 450 x 1774+1
WST3614-00836 x 14 x45914 x 356 x 1150PK008188-7/16 x 14-9/16 x 7214 x 370x 1754+1
WST3614-01036 x 14 x45914 x 350 x 1150PK010816-1/2 x 14-9/16 x 7420 x 370 x 1754+1Pick Rack factory