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Sex: Undisclosed
Bio: Alignment Four Post Car Lift
Electrical controlling system, easy to operate;
Flexible design of driving through width;
Turntable position/ slip plate for wheel alignment
Optional mechanical safety system.
Technical Parameters
Lifting weight3500Kg4000Kg5500Kg
Max lifting height1700mm1962mm1850mm
Lifting time(adjustable)40s40s40s
Lowering time30s30s30s
Working voltage110V/220V/380V/415V,
Motor power2.2Kw2.2Kw2.2Kw
Total height2450mm2450mm2450mm
Total width3135mm3135mm3135mm
Length of platform4360mm4500mm5170mm
Width of single platform560mm508mm560mm
Min height of platform175mm175mm175mm
Drive through width2850mm2850mm2850
Weight (N.W/G.W)1100kg/1200kg1250kg/1400kg1250kg/1400kg
Load quantity9 sets/20’GP9 sets/20’GP9 sets/20’GPCar Lift Rolling Jack suppliers