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We XIAMEN WIRE DRAWING DIES CO.,LTD are one of the professional manufacturers and exporters for a wide range of tungsten carbide products in South China. We can produce various kinds of high quality tungsten carbide product exactly according to your request, such as tungsten carbide blades, wire drawing dies, carbide cutting wheel, carbide ring, tungsten carbide shaft, carbide ball, carbide tip, carbide nozzle etc.
Our Product
Tungsten carbide, hard metal shaft. hard metal pivot, wire cutting blades, wire stripping blades, wire drawing dies, drawing dies, pcd drawing dies, wire dies, wire drawing plate, tungsten blades, carbide ball, carbide tip, carbide blades, plotter blades.
Product Application
Used in wire drawing machines, stripping equipment, water meters, flow meters, etc.
Production Equipment
Surface grinder, wire cutting, slow wire, electric spark, CNC lathe, projector inspection equipment.
Production Market
United States, Europe, Iran, establishing stable customer relationships for over 10 years.
Our Service
Provide quality after-sales service, receive quality problems with products, choose unconditional new products or no payment.HSS Wire Stripping Blades price