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Bio: Manual auto outline restoration machine EU-2500S
It is a professional equipment with multi-functional melting method, which can quickly pull out the damaged body. It is also the most practical sheet metal repair tool. When repairing the damaged car body, just polish the damaged position of the paint, and then solder your selected media (such as washers or corrugated wires), use the pull hammer to pull out the recessed body part. It is also possible to use a carbon rod to locally heat and then cool the body to restore the expanded body. The EU-2500S also features a single-sided spot welding function that allows the new steel plate to be welded to the body quickly.
Main Features
1) Using a high-efficiency transformer with electronically regulated output current, the main unit can be lightened, and the main unit can be hand-held to the roof and inside the car.
2) EU-2500S standard tool configuration, can have the most practical functions - light washer melting, corrugated wire fusion, carbon rod heating and melting, carbon rod heating and quenching and electrode heating flattening.
3)The torch design can also be configured with other tools and extended functions. For example: straight pull type fusion repair, crimping plastic shaping, triangular welding and fusion repair.
Main technical parameters
Input power supply 380V 2PH 50HZMaximum input power9kw
Out current600-2500ARated input power11kw
Duty cycle3%Out voltage3-8VAC
Accessories and spare parts for automotive appearance repair machine
①Welding gun
②Straigt pulling hammer
③Triangular chip chuck (0ptions)
④Triangular chip (0ptions)
⑤Straight electrode
⑥Ripple fusing electrode
⑦Flatten electrode
⑧Meson (round welding chip) chuck
⑨Carbon rod
⑩Hook-type pulling hammer
⑪Pulling hammer hook
⑫Manual suction cup (options)
⑬Seven-digit pulling hook
⑭Qualifying axis
⑮Two-digit pulling hook
⑰Pneumatic suction cup (options)
⑱Negative tensionerChina Auto Profile Repair Machine suppliers