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Bio: Product features:
1.Cut through PVC, CPVC,PEX, polybutylene, rubber hose, and most non-metallic tube
2.High-leverage ratchet actioncuts smoothly and with minimal effort
3.Produces fast square cuts with no burrs to remove or mess to clean up
4.Replaceable chrome molybdenum steel blade with precision-ground cutting edge
Product description:
1.Used as : pipe cutter,pvc pipe cutter, ppr pipe cutter, PE pipe cutters, plastic pipe cutter and other cutters
2.Aluminum body with lock, perfect appearance
3.Substitutable blade make the pipe cutter long life
4.Fine blade adjustment mechanism to ensure a clean, precise cut
Product details:TECHNICAL DATA
Crimping range: Max.32mm
Weight: 0.15kg
Length: 210mm
Package: blister cardwholesale Other Pipe Tool