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Sex: Undisclosed
Bio: Features:
100% Brand new with high-quality natural herbal essence be more health
Be able to have the excellent effect after continuous dosing of 10 days based on thousands of different Customers’ experience
100% ORIGINAL COMPANY research,development, producing & selling to the customers directly
anti- Cervical erosion
Contracting, restoring the natural elasticity and reshaping the suppleness of the vaginal walls
Eliminating vaginal dryness to restore lubrication
Stimulating blood flow to throughout the vagina
Improving and strengthen the grip of your vagina
Tightening and rejuvenating your vagina naturally to increase sex pleasure & heighten orgasms
Detoxification and beauty,kill bacteria and anti-inflammation
Warm uterus and nourish ovary balance of vagina flora
Ingredients:Saffron crocus,Kuh-seng, Oil of zedoary turmeric, Elaeagnus angustifolia oil,propolis,Garden burnet,Fructus Cnidii, borneol,etc..
Validity time:24 months
Administration: once daily,1 piece each time;
Storage:Sealed and keep it in the cool and dry place
Usage :
You had better to use it as following steps:
Thoroughly wash your hands and open the pouch containing one capsule
Insert the capsule inside vagina approximately 7 cm deep as far as it will comfortable go
One pill can be used for one day
Rinse (douche) your vagina
Insert next capsule 24 hours later will be ok
Used for health care for the perineum
Suitable for all ages:
Aging, childbirth, hormonal changes, poor muscle tone, high impact exercises, obesity,chronic cough can lead to discomfort, relaxed vaginal muscles and irritation. Vaginal
natural healing tightening gel works in all these cases and for women of all ages.
Internal installed in vagina, do not take it orally
The prohibition of use for menstrual period,pregnant,and lactation women
Should put this product in children is not easy to get a placechina cervical erosion pregnancy