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Bio: Topyet focus on recycling smart phone broken/cracked/used LCD screens.
Topyet own a professional test team and a transparent test standard.All LCD screens will be divided into different gradings
by a certained standard.We buy A and B grade cracked LCDs at the same price.Reasonable testing standard and fast
payment make us growing very fast in the past 2 years.Topyet now mainly recycle broken iPhone and Samsung LCD
Meanwhile,Topyet help customers recycle other brand broken LCDs such as LG,Sony,Moto ect.By 2017,
Topyet cooperating with more than 100 customers from 24 countries,we are growing with our global partners.
Our simple goal is making your trash more valuable,making global recycle simple.
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Broken iPhone 5s LCD Buyback,Broken iPhone 5c LCD Buyback,Broken iPhone 5 LCD Buyback.
All models divided into A,B,C,D and full broken gradings.
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Broken S8 Edge Plus LCD Buyback,Broken S8 Edge LCD Buyback,Broken S7 Edge LCD Buyback,Broken S7 LCD Buyback,
Broken S6 Edge Plus LCD Buyback,Broken S6 Edge LCD Buyback,Broken S6 LCD Buyback,Broken S5 LCD Buyback,
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Broken Note4 LCD Buyback,Broken Note3 LCD Buyback,Broken Note2 LCD Buyback.
Alll Broken/Cracked Samsung LCD Screen divided into A,B,C,D,bullet mark and full broken gardings.OEM Assembly LCD Screen For IPhone 6s suppliers China