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وب‌ سایت: http://www.lefinsteelpipe.com/scaffodling-accessories-and-steel-prop/
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شناسه Yahoo: http://www.china-aircooler.com/
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Location: http://www.topconstructionglass.com/tempered-glass/
Bio: Welcome to Dragon Abrasives Group Limited. We are very glad to have an opportunity to introduce us and our products to you. Dragon Abrasives was established in 2007, is a professional Abrasives and Refractory materials import & export company. The products are used in Abrasives Industry like grinding tools, blasting medium and Refractory scopes.
They are mainly including as following products:
Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide
White Fused Aluminum Oxide
Pink Fused Aluminum Oxide
Fused Zirconium Aluminum Oxide
Single Crystal Aluminum Oxide
Steel Shot and Grit
Chilled Iron Grit
Glass Beads
Fiberglass mat
Garnet for Blasting and Waterjet
Corncob & Walnut Shell
Boron Carbide
Grinding Wheels
Grinding Belt, paper and cloth
Above products have being regularly exported to Germany, England, Italy, Spain, Holland and Poland as well as other European customers and our traditional Asia market Japan, India, Thailand and Korea etc. We are sincerely hope to establish long stable business relationship with you, Our honesty and specialty will be displayed in our cooperation. As your competent partner for the abrasives industries and blasting, we want to keep in touch with you as directly and simply as possible.ZA25 factory